Hard-shell Hockey released!

Hard-shell hockey

I am pleased to announce my first ever mobile game Hard-shell Hockey is now available on the Android store. It can be downloaded for free here.

Hard-shell hockey is an air hockey based game created with NME and Box2D. It is a game that I developed to test the waters and get a feel for developing a mobile game with NME.  If there are any bugs or issues please let me know :)

NMEX extension Android ad fix

After a few late nights I finally managed to get my nme android game displaying ads!

NME is an incredible platform, the more I use it, the more I enjoy it. One of the powerful features is the ability to hook into native code allowing us to access native features for iOS and Android. To do this, we have to create extensions which incorporate some haxe code, some native code and the glue between. A particular extension called NMEX has a whole host of features, including ads, in-app purchases, leaderboards etc. Unfortunately there is no real documentation on how to use it and turns out that it is broken for displaying ads on Android devices. However, with the help of Adrian, I was able to fix the code and have created a small test example showing how to use it. While I have attempted my best to avoid changing anything in the NME folder, I did have to set a class and variable to public meaning every time you update NME you will have to re-update those changes. Other than that it should be fairly painless, so please enjoy!