Box2D Visual Editor Preview

So I have been getting back into some more Box2D development for a game I am building. To increase my efficiency I needed an editor to visually create the Box2D world by drawing the shapes and joints. I found a few editors already built but none met my needs of being free, allowing the creation of joints and other Box2D items , as well as being intuitive and easy to use. As such I set about creating a prototype for my own editor.

My goal was to get something up and running as quickly as possible and to implement features as I needed them. After a week of development I have created an editor that can already do a lot of lifting. Features working so far:

  • Create circle and rectangle fixtures
  • Draw custom polygons and edit the vertex positions
  • Drag and drop ¬†fixtures to move them
  • Rotate and scale fixtures
  • Create revolute joints with all parameters able to be set
  • Export to XML
  • AS3 Importer

The GUI also features panning and a preview window. ¬†The next goal will probably be to use the editor in assisting creating levels for Apple’s SpriteKit for iOS7.

If there is enough interest I may release the tool (only after a lot of things have been added and fixed).

7 thoughts on “Box2D Visual Editor Preview

  1. edi says:

    hi.. it looks amazing :)
    do You wanna publish it for everybody and is it possible to export to nape engin

  2. allanbishop says:

    Thanks. Yes at the moment it is a prototype so ideally I want to re-develop it and make it nicer for release. Plan is to release it to individual developers for free and donations to continue support. I think exporting to Nape engine can be done since they are so similar. Currently I am trying to make it work with Apple’s SpriteKit physics engine.

  3. Ben Morse says:

    lol export to XML. are we in the 90′s? If you publish I’ll add some sweet sweet JSON exporting for you!

  4. allanbishop says:

    haha funny you should say that as I have recently added a JSON export option (made life easier with iOS). Have a few new cool features to show at some point too.

  5. Kevin Williams says:

    Look’s like a promising tool so far… would be interested in seeing this with additional features. Really enjoy your blog keep up the good work!

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