Box2D Visual Editor Preview #2

Thought I would give you all an update on the Box2D Visual Editor’s status.

What’s new:
• Import images for arranging and syncing with the level. This includes tools for rotating and scaling along the axis.
• Edge tool for creating edges instead of polygons. Existing polygons can easily be switched to edges as well.
• Added an option for exporting to JSON.
• Created an importer for Apple’s SpriteKit.
• Created a meta data tool for assisting when creating spawn points, triggers etc.
• Fixed the GUI so it is now fluid.
• Bug fixes and other general improvements.

Not too far off an alpha release either :)

  • Edson Moura

    That’s good work, =)

  • allanbishop

    Cheers :)

  • ss

    Where I can download this application?

  • allanbishop

    It’s not publicly released as yet. I will have an alpha version available in the very near future once I fix a couple of bugs :)